TRAVEL: Thailand – Swimming with the Fish


I obsessively checked the weather report every day the week leading up to our Thailand holiday.  I’m not sure if you guys are familiar with Belgian weather, but we see our fair share of rain here.  Well, maybe more than our fair share.  Simply put, we get a whole hell of a lot of rain.  So imagine my dismay when I saw that rain was forecasted for most of our time in Koh Lanta.  The beach time in Koh Lanta.  The time when you want sunshine and blue skies.  Turns out, I didn’t have too much to worry about.  Our days were mostly hot and sunny, and then as the evening would set in we would find ourselves watching these amazing thunderstorms.  Thunderstorms were one of the things that we missed most while living in Southern California, both of us having grown up in areas where summer storms meant gazing out the windows in amazement as the skies would light up and the house would rumble.  The storms on Koh Lanta made us feel a bit like kids again – staring at the sky in anticipation for the next strike and crying out in excitement when it was particularly bright or big.  Continue reading

TRAVEL: Koh Lanta, Thailand – Scenes from the Island


In planning our trip, what island we wanted to go to was by far the most difficult decision.  For every person that raved about an island, another person hated on it.  After a lot of back and forth, we finally settled on Koh Lanta, a group of islands on the western side of Thailand.  It’s got a very relaxed vibe – you’re not going to find the crazy nightlife of Koh Phangan here – and a lot of the island still feels untouched and wild.  It truly is a beautiful island.

After a few days of non-stop action in Chiang Mai, Koh Lanta was just what we needed.  It took a late-night flight + a quick overnight in Phuket + an early morning ferry, but we finally made it.  We immediately got down to business: sun – check, books – check, drinks – check check.  Some days we found ourselves sticking close to the hotel enjoying the private beach, other days we would hail a tuk tuk and explore the island.

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