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Welcome to We Are the Dreamers of Dreams!

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We are Holly & Jared – two 30-something Americans living abroad in Belgium.

Holly is a California baby who can’t tan (hard as she may try).  She loves making lists, wearing beautiful shoes, being crafty, and queuing up more books than she can possibly read in a lifetime.

Jared is a Boston-born, Denver-raised California dude.  He is an avid beer-fan (i.e. beer snob) who loves making our garden pretty, undertaking marathon cooking sessions, and dabbling in programming.

Originally from sunny, warm Southern California, in November 2013 we (including our two kitties Boo & Luna) packed up, waved good-bye, and landed in our new home: Brussels, Belgium.  Why Brussels you ask?  Holly is here for work and the chocolate.  Jared is here for the beer and frites.  We are both here attempting to satisfy our seemingly unending wanderlust.

This is our little piece of the interwebs where we hope to document our travels, adventures, and life.  Thank you for following along with us.

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Nice to meet you through your blog ! I’m from Belgium as well 🙂 Did you have the chance to visit the south of Belgium ? Like Bouillon ? or closer to Bruxelles, Namur ? These two are beautiful cities with nice citadelles in both of them, I would recommend the visit 🙂

    1. A pleasure to meet you! This past year we spent a lot of time outside of Belgium, but we are definitely looking forward to exploring more of the wonderful places that Belgium has to offer this year. We have not yet made it to Bouillon or Namur, so we’ll definitely check them out. Thank you for the recommendations!

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