POPSUGAR 2016 Reading Challenge

I do not have much spare time, but with the time I do have, I like to read. I would consider myself a fairly voracious reader – I typically have a couple of books going at any different time. But like most people, I go through ebbs and flows, and before I realize it I will find myself out of the habit of reading and months may go by without a single page being turned (or Kindle page swiped rather). And then slowly but surely, I’ll get back in the swing of things and find myself tearing through books.

We spend most weekends traveling, so the days are rare when I get the chance to curl up on the couch and fully absorb myself in a good book. I hope this year to carve out more time. More time for myself. More time to enjoy the pleasures in life, how little or how small they may be. And so, when I stumbled across POPSUGAR’s 2106 Reading Challenge just before the new year, I decided to give it a go. And because things are more fun when you do them together, I roped my little sister, Caitlin, in to the challenge as well.

The purpose of the challenge is to not only encourage you to read more, but also to challenge you to break out of your preferred genres. A short book. A long book. A political memoir. A science fiction novel. It pushes you to get out of your comfort zone as it relates to your reading and seek out something new. And so Caitlin and I will be documenting our reads here. We informed the other of our selection for the first category, but otherwise we will only be revealing our picks to each other after we’ve completed them (for no real reason other than I’m curious to see if we’ll be drawn to the same books).

If you’re interested in doing the POPSUGAR 2106 Reading Challenge for yourself then check it out here. I hope you’ll follow along with us!  And if you are, let us know what you’re reading too!


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