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in a dark dark woodIn a Dark, Dark Wood | Ruth Ware

“What should be a cozy and fun-filled weekend deep in the English countryside takes a sinister turn in Ruth Ware’s suspenseful, compulsive, and darkly twisted psychological thriller.

Leonora, known to some as Lee and others as Nora, is a reclusive crime writer, unwilling to leave her “nest” of an apartment unless it is absolutely necessary. When a friend she hasn’t seen or spoken to in years unexpectedly invites Nora (Lee?) to a weekend away in an eerie glass house deep in the English countryside, she reluctantly agrees to make the trip. Forty-eight hours later, she wakes up in a hospital bed injured but alive, with the knowledge that someone is dead. Wondering not “what happened?” but “what have I done?”, Nora (Lee?) tries to piece together the events of the past weekend. Working to uncover secrets, reveal motives, and find answers, Nora (Lee?) must revisit parts of herself that she would much rather leave buried where they belong: in the past.”

I first saw this book on a book list somewhere and passed it over. Then I saw it on Reese Witherspoon’s instagram feed and decided to give it a shot. I know, I know – I’m not normally in the habit of reading books just because celebs are but I’m glad I gave this one a shot. My 30 minutes to an hour of reading at bedtime quickly became an hour and a half and then two as I got pulled deeper into the story. I do think that the past she’d rather be left behind was a bit underwhelming in my opinion but the suspense of the story definitely kept me entertained and engaged. It’s a quick read – you could probably knock this one out in a weekend no problem.

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