Learning French

Or rather (more appropriately) NOT learning French.

We arrived in Belgium at the end of October in 2013, geared up and ready to dominate this French language thing. Much to our dismay, the school year was already a couple of months in, so our preferred French language class was closed to us until the following school year. Not ideal, but okay. We’ll use duolingo and speak with the locals to try to learn until we can start the class.

So fast forward to now. Remember the plan to duolingo? Yeah, a few false starts, but it never happened (for me at least). And talking to the locals? Ha! This is the problem with working in an English-speaking office – no one speaks French to you. And really, as if I expected to osmosis that language in…

Now that registration is open for the new school year, I went to register myself for Level 1 and guess what? IT’S COMPLETELY FULL! So I am on a list, waiting with fingers crossed, that someone will either level up because they are much more proficient than they thought or someone decides they actually hate the French language and were crazy to sign up for the class.

Wish me luck!

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