BRUSSELS: Comic Strip Route Part I

I have a long list of favorite television shows from my childhood.  Oh how I wished I had Evie’s ability to freeze time.  Admittedly, it is still something I find myself wishing for on the occasional Sunday night in anticipation of a long work week or during a late night spent reading an impossible-to-put-down book.  There was always something special though about Saturday morning cartoons.  One of my Saturday morning favorites was The Smurfs.  Apparently I and all of Belgium share the same fondness for those funny little blue creatures.  You see, Belgians LOVE their comics.  The Smurfs was created by a Belgian, as was Tintin, and they are very proud of these national treasures.

When we were visiting Brussels a few years ago, we decided to check out the Belgian Comic Strip Center.  The museum was… not our cup of tea.  It’s often sarcastically referred to in our conversations as being the bar for all other museums and tourist attractions.  The museums’ one highlight?  Getting to pose with this awesome little dude:


A few months ago I stumbled upon the Brussels Comic Strip Route.  It’s the result of a collaborative project started in 1991 by the city of Brussels and the Belgian Comic Strip Center.  There are more than 50 mural paintings around the city of Brussels (as well as the two neighborhoods of Laeken and Auderghem), although most of these murals can be found within the main city center.  We decided to spend one Saturday tackling half of the route.  Most were relatively easy to find, although some had us backtracking a few streets and gazing up at buildings and around corners like crazy people.  This was our reward:

Comic Strip Route 1







Comic Strip Route - Part 1

4 thoughts on “BRUSSELS: Comic Strip Route Part I

  1. Assuming there was exotic craft beer along the way, sounds like a great Saturday. And oh so much more interesting than the museum!

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